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penis shrinkage like a child has, no standing only slightly erecting towards to earth not up& watery sperm within some seconds,near about no sperm count at all. these probelms are curable? or not? age is 27 now.

sir, I am Madhes, my age is 27 now i am in dubai. i have started masturbation 2-3 times per day, from my age was 8-10 to till now .presently i have so many problems. Now my penis is very small like a child,very very shrinkaged , very looseness of penis, Entirely no standing at all, no erection even morning time also,if sometimes slightly erected without tightness  towards to down not up, One year before i checked sperm count was 10millian/? as your calculation unit it was less than the normal value.BUT now is more very less my sperm count less than before i had, i am feeling no sperm count at all,  like as empty bucket now  i have. while masturbating sometimes i feeled so many pain in my penis. now i think my nerves in my penis are not working properly due to severe damage of my nerve system in penis because of very very excessive masturbation. while sperm out  very thin watery sperm with only few seconds . now i feeling sleepless,too much of hungry, sometimes no hungry with vomit feeling, my cheeks are stickly and i am lean, things forgetting easly. Now my questin is my probelems are cureable or not? if cureable how long can i take medicine with healing entirely. If u suggest combination of medicine to take, how much it will cost if 3 months or six months of course,how can i order?, can i send money? u have mentioned us doller type of  money or other in your website? can i send money through western union money transfer from dubai? because i have no credit card. How can i mension my address of duabai for delivery of medicine. my mail id is [email protected] SO PLEASE CLEARLY MENTION DETAILS AND SEND MAIL TO ME ( [email protected] ). SO PLEASE  REPLY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE THANK U SIR.

In: Fertility & Infertility, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure


As you are already aware that problems you are facing it is all due to over ejaculations. Due to over masturbation your general body health as well sexual health is deteriorating.First of all stop practicing this habit as this will only worsen your condition.


We recommend you the Combination of Butea superb gel and capsules this combination is perfect for almost all the sexual disorders. This combination will help in getting proper harder erections and long penis.


Apply gel on the outer shaft of the penis once a day.


For help in the nourishing brain cells and improving memory and concentration power you can take Memocare capsules


Use  this Whole combination for 3 months at least for desired results.

Regarding placing order details please visit our support department at [email protected].

Thank you Support

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