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Pennis not getting erect enouh.almost getting numb at the time of sex.cannot sustain erections for motre than 6 seconds

 Hi there doc. I am a 24 year old male guy and I found your advices given to others quite impressive. So I got courage to post my problems also, I don’t know how to say it but to get a permanent solotion I am going it to share it with you with a deep expectation to get a genuine solution.Actullu I am facing the problem of erectile disfunction since when I was puberty started when I was 12 or 13 but when I became 16 years old I started masturbation with hands and it was like good at that time but as my age grew I used to sometimes masturbate 6 to 7 times a day.The sex urge was so intensed.then when I was around 21 my pennis lost it’s erection and whenever I used to masturbate after that I used to feel a nervous pain in the base and at the root of my pennis,after that I had a girlfriend and when we came close for an intimate kiss my pennis used to get somewhat erecet and ejaculate some water like sticky liquid. Then after few days we decided to have sex as mature grownup adults.On the first night of sex my pennis got somewhat erect only and I was not able to do sexual intercourse.I was so emberrased after that incident that I started avoiding sex with my girl friend. Now today my erections are so weak that I have given up hopes.i feel urge of sex so intensed but I don’t get erections so strong.please understand me and do help me bro.i genuinely need your help.

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Getting erection is easy but to maintain it till climax is extremely important to enjoy sex and to satisfy the partner. During erection due to vasodilation of penile blood vessels blood rush into them for proper erection. Sometimes stress, under nutrition, over masturbation etc play role in erectile dysfunction.

Over masturbation from long time decreases the erection power, sperm quantity and quality, also causes low sexual desire. Sexual stamina is also effected.


We will first recommend to use Butea superba Gel and Kohinoor Gold Capsules Take one capsule two times a day after meal with milk. Also apply gel on penis twice on shaft of penis for stronger erections in the form of Massage until whole of the gel is absorbed. Regular course of these products for period of three months will help in increasing the penis strength and also will help in increasing the sexual stamina.

Avoid over ejaculations. Eat healthy balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Thank you Support

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