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pennis problem

hello doctor i am 19yeaars old i masturbate every penis have moved towards my left hand side.and i am not finding any sperms in my lust.the lust is just a transparent liquid.but i feel some sexual feeling if i don\’t ejaculate for 2-3 nights.solve my problem

In: Premature Ejaculation, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sooner or later you have to quit the habit of Masturbation as this addiction can cause or have already caused your semen to thin and watery. It can also effect erection of penis. To avoid this habit you have to mentally strong and keep away all kinds of erotic materials that can aggravate this feeling.
Slowly you will be successful in leaving this habit. This will help you to build up the semen quality. Drink fresh juices and take low protein diet. Regula light exercise is advised as this will help you to keep away from masturbation. Also take Kapikacchu capsules ; one twice aday. Apply on penis

Further queries are always welcome.

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