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Period yet not started after 22 yrs old but abdomen pain is continue in 3-4 days on every month

Respected Sir/

             My wife is 22 yrs old and we get married before 2 months  here is problem of my wife Menstrual cycle is yet not started but abdomen heavy pain is running in every month 3-4 days. she checked a doctor  report is normal and there are no any problem shown in ultrasound. so please help me and give the advice for my wife problem. waiting for your reply.

In: Menstrual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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Your wife is probably suffering with condition called Primary amenorrhoea (menstruation cycles never starting).It may be caused by developmental problems such as the failure of the ovary to receive or maintain egg cells,Blockages or narrowing of the cervix,Missing vagina or Vaginal septum,imperforate hymen can lead to primary amenorrhea. Hormone problems can also lead to disturbances in woman’s menstrual cycle and  some genetic diseases such as 5-alpha-reductace deficiency etc

You are adviced to consult a gynaecologist for diagnosis and run blood tests which include:




Other tests that may be done include:

Chromosome analysis,Head CT scan, Head MRI scan,Pelvic ultrasound, serum progesterone 

It is hard to predict what treatment you will be offered as this will depend on what the tests and examinations reveal. 


Please read given below link:




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