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permanent solution and diet to be followed for reducing pimples on oily face ?

hello i am 21 and i have a oily face and i often get pimples regularly damaging my face where i even get afraid to see my face some times.please suggest me about what diet to be followed or any measures to stop affecting from pimples i want a permanent solution for this please help me

In: Skin Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Pimples or acne are very common worldwide.
These are the causes of acne; Pressure, Drugs, Occupations: In some jobs, exposure to industrial products like cutting oils may produce acne and Cosmetics.
You can remove the impurities from within your body by drinking plenty of water. This water therapy will surely show positive changes in your face.
Drinking fresh fruit juices will help in cleaning your body from within and thus your skin will start glowing along with reducing the acne.
Also we recommend the regular use of the Neem capsules take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk.

Read more details at link given below;

Thank you Support

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