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Please give some treatment for erectile dysfunction and to increase the semen quantity.

I have erectile dysfunction problem, hence I am doing intercourse with [email protected]@, little discharge is there but not full ejaculation, please suggest remedy.

In: Erectile Dysfunction,Men's Health, Posted 9 years ago

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Erectile dysfunction is very common problem in males and majority of males suffer from this problem after 50 years of age. Generally sex enhancing medicines like viagara etc causes addiction and individual can not have erection without these medicines. After some time even these medicines are unable to induce erection and complete erection failure occurs. Sometimes due to over masturbation, chronic infections and chronic diseases and hormonal imbalance causes this problem in young age. Ayurveda has many safe and herbal medicines which are really very effective for the permanent cure of male sex problems. Kohinoor Gold is best medicine for erectile dysfunction. It helps in getting rock hard erection and early preparation of male sex organ. It is beneficial for low libido, chronic infections of urinary and reproductive tract, premature ejaculation and low sperm count. It helps to establish confidence in males and increases physical as well as sexual power. we suggest you to use Mucuna pruriens along with Kohinoor gold to increase the sperm count and quantity. It helps in strengthening the male hormones and is a good aphrodisiac. It completes the sperm count and increases thickness and quantity of semen. So we recommend a regular two months course of these medicines for satisfactory results.


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