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Please suggest me some acne treatment at home. I have used the aloe vera gel and although it reduced the acne but i still have some of it.

How to treat acne at home? i Want to have clear, flawless skin. I also want to know if there is a method to reduce the black spots on my cheeks and face. Please suggest me which if its safe to use the makeup cosmetic products?? Thank you.

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Skin Blemishes can occur because of hormonal changes, lack of nutritious diet or even stress. Normally this occurs in teenagers, but can continue in adulthood. The severity of this varies from case to case.

Every one of us gets hormonal changes and we are all susceptible to skin blemishes or acne. Certain actions will help reduce/eliminate acne: wash your face when you come home from outside, remove makeup using antibacterial soap; and do not use harsh/ scented soaps. Also avoid using expired make-up products.

Home Remedies for  removing of skin blemishes or Acne
1. Papaya Pack – Extract the pulp from two to three pieces of ripe papaya, add turmeric powder (1 teaspoon) and fuller’s earth (1tablespoon) and mash them to become a paste. Apply on the affected area three times a week, allow it to dry and wash it off.

2. Vinegar/ Rosewater – mix vinegar (2 tablespoon), rosewater (one tablespoon) and cucumber juice and stir to make a lotion. Apply to the area of blemishes and allow it to dry. Repeat until the lotion is gone.

3. Dried peels of Orange – powder the orange peels that have been dried; add curd (2 tablespoons) to this powder and mix it into a semi-solid paste. Apply on the affected area, allow it to dry and wash it off.

4. Potato Pack – Peel/ grate a raw potato; enclose it in a muslin cloth so that it forms a pad; rub with circular motions firmly on your face; wait for five minutes and wash your face.

5. Camphor and Coconut Oil – this is useful if you get skin blemish because of a minor burn. Add coconut oil (2 tablespoons) and camphor powder (1 teaspoon) and rub the paste on the area affected for ten minutes. Have a bath.

6. Carrot pack – Grate two to three carrots after peeling and boil them in a small quantity of water. Mash the carrots after cooling and apply on the area affected; rinse off after 15 minutes.

7. Lime Juice and Cucumber – peel the grated cucumber and add lime juice taken from one lime. Blend it to become a paste and apply on the blemished area. Dry and wash off.

8. Banana Pack – Peel a ripe banana and mash it into a pulp; apply this over the affected area; wash off after 10 minutes.

The above home remedies will help you in removing skin blemishes or acne. Even some discolorations will vanish after time.


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