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plese give me suggestion for typhoied fever

hi my brother age is 21 years old ,
my brother having typhoied fever from last 4 months ,he has check up for every 10 to 15 days ,for blood checkup reports firt time fever is more 100f after 3day its was reducing .doctor said simple no proble it will decreas with in 5 days so that my brother brought medicine 5 days corce . and then he was checking again it reduced ,then again he taken medicine for 5 days ,after 3rd time he was checking again reports is good all negative(means no fever) ,so doctor said now its ok, no proble you take rest doctor said . After 15 days he having again headache and lite fever so that my brother againg went to hospital and again he was checking ,take reports but now in reports positive ,very small fever typhoid is having so doctor gave medicine 5 days , after five days again he was checking (this report is last 15 days back) fever is zero(no fever)so that doctor said simplly you have fever dont worry ………… After means yesterday(16-06-2011) again he having fevers typhoied toaday also he was blood checking ,some fever is having ….so doctor gave 5 days medicine …. so still he suffring from fever …so please give suggestion and what is good discription how many day it will take time ,how to reduce and it is dangerous if any please give guidance

main he has problems are
3.some times fever evening
please kindly requested to you ,and i would like to give me as soon as possible for the treetment… thanking you dear

thanks and regards

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Take the medicine regularly that you are currently taking. It will take some time to subside around a month or more. The result can be good if detected early and started with good treatment. Symptoms can come back again if regular traetment is not taken as happening with you. Take continuous treatment.
Most important thing is Thyphoid fever will come positive in the test for few months even if the fever subside. This is actually a bacterial infection but that is of little concern and you can follow the diet restrictions and medicines until the report comes negative or what your doctor suggest.

Diet should be light and well hygienic. Drink boiled water.
Avoid fried food, tea, alcohol or any street food. Rest is very important.

Follow the diet plan along with regular medication for about a month or more.

Thank you Support

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