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plz help me as i am too thin and have some digestive problem ie pain on stomach n rush for toilet

dear sir/mam,
my self i am student of CA at delhi, the main problem that i am facing since my childhood is that i am too thin. In generak i use to.suffer from digestive problem in about every 2nd month.
i did my checkup with the best gastrologist,however they just provided me some metronidazole and vitamin. it works for few fortnight after that the problem is same. But there isn’t any problem found on regular check.up.
Neither i do smoke or drink. i alreadyo mentioned that i am 5’7 inch on height but weight of only 48kg.
The wrong within me is that since12 years i am doing masterbate about once a day or sometime more than it. Is this a reason because of which i am so thin. I often feel weakness when i get up from my study and move, i always need the support of wall.or chair for few seconds.
it will be very grateful sir if u’d suggested for better solution and medicine. i don’t want to be the character of laugh to anyone anymore.

In: Fitness, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Over masturbation can be one reason and stress can be other. So our first recommendation is Ashwagandha and Shilajit capsules Take one capsule twice a day after meal with Milk. This combination will help in in providing the strength and stamina to the body. This is an exclusive combination that will help in increasing the protein metabolism in the body and thus providing the nourishment to body.
Also avoid masturbation and start with healthy low protein diet that can help in increasing body weight and energy.

Thank you Support

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