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I am 32 yrs. old. my AMH IS 2.07 ng. i have been diagnosed as PCOS, though i got my periods regularly. doctor told me that my amh is so low that is why Iam not conveiving. 3 IUI failed. Now she recommend me to go for IVF. please tell me is there any medicine to improve egg quality / ovulation. please note that i have no problem of excessive hair and acnes but ya sometimes i got very painful periods. please suggest some medicine and diet to improve poor ovarian reserve.

In: Fertility & Infertility, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings from Ayurvedic Cure

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Rest one can hep to nourish the ovum product by regular course of Ashoka and regunova capsules regularly. As we all know that ovum or egg is produced each month by ovaries and captured by fallopian tubes for fertilization by sperm and in the absence of sperm it is shed off outside the body. All this is under the control of hormones.

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