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Pranayam vs Medicines

sir can i know the rate of success with these prescribed medicines please dont take it otherwise swami ramdev always tells the rate of success in evey disease with pranayam and not that he says just by doing pranayaam you can get back eveything thats lost no requirement of medicines only high practice of pranayam and brahamcharya for whole life isnt it the truth

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And greetings From Ayurvedic cure

Well i do not want to get along with this Baba ramdev’s idea and publicity of yoga but just want to clear one thing that yoga along with some herbal products can do wonders. And this should be practiced strictly under supervision and just by merely watching on TV.
Just like you cannot do every thing with single hand and you need support or other hand in performing certain works like that Yoga and herbal products should go hand in hand.
Now coming back to brahmcharya, in unmarried life it means to preserve the sperm and that could be achieved with balanced diet moderately less in quantity and in divided doses. Also not to have sex with any one till you get married and avoid masturbation. And In married life brahmcharya means having sex with your on wife not with any one else.
So all these habits of doing yoga and taking satvik/ vegetarian foods along with practicing yoga comes under yogic habits. this all needs proper guidance and dedication.

Thank you Support

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