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Premature ejaculation , Nocturnal emission in depth ……………………………………………………………………………….

1. Ejaculating before your partner orgasms in more than 50% of sexual encounters .

2. Ejaculation within 2 minutes of penetration .Later studies have shown that approximately 75% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of penetration)

Overall most men experience Premature Ejaculation more than once in their lifetime.


Premature Ejaculation most commonly caused by a Kidney disorder.There are many other patterns associated with this disorder but most commonly have a underlying kidney deficiency.


Kidney Life energy deficiency: (Qi in chinese, prana and cit in Hindu religion)


             The body will show signs of poor energy, low back ache, dribbling urine or frequent urination, urination at night, weak knees low sex drive and possible sense of cold, especially the feet.This type of premature ejaculation revolves around fatigue.  Although there is also low libdo when this individual can achieve an erection it will not last long and will experience premature ejaculation.There is general symptoms of hot feet, night sweats, red cheeks, mild anxiety, low back ache.Kidney is deficient in general, plus emotional factors stagnate the Liver, this leads to Heat which forces an already weak internal Fire. These people are generally depressed, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, blurred vision,



Seminal Emission (Nocturnal emission or Wet Dreams)


Seminal emission  passing of seminal fluid during ones sleep or when they are awake without sexual excitement. This may be associated with “Wet Dreams”.  Seminal Emission can also be known as Semen Leakage. 

Heart and Kidney Disharmony


Semen Leakage which is associated with dreams.  There is poor sleep or insomnia, excessive dreaming, heart palpitations, small amounts of yellow, concentrated urine, possible high libido, possible premature ejaculation, red cheeks, feverish sensation in the evenings, keeps hot feet out at night, 

Heart Spleen deficiency


Excessive amounts of stress or long term over-thinking can create Semen Leakage.  Being over-stressed and fatigued may lead to other symptoms related to this such as pale complexion, loose stool, low appetite, poor digestion, insomnia, …


Liver Heat


Semen Leakge not occuring with dreams, erections during daytime lasting a long time, general irritability, slight bitter taste in the mouth, whole face may be red, possible genital rash or soresSemen leakage not accompanied with dreams or palpitations, red cheeks, poor sleep, hot or feverish at night, keeping feet out from under the covers of bed, premature ejaculation, possible high sex drive, yellow small amount of urine, ….



For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction So if your action is Masturbation or too much sexual activity Your reactions will be seen in Your body.This will also lead to many other symptoms in your body as your immunity will get weaker.







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