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premature ejaculation problem loose eraction health improvements hope fully help me

sir iam mangesh due to poor habbit missunderstanding i was masturbate when iwas a 15 years of old and watching porn video right now i am 21 years of old I am suffering from premature ejaculations and loose eractions  whenever i go for a girlfriend sperm come out before during inter course peish becomes loose also my body bone is weeck i am very thin i want to improve my health actully april 2014 iam about to wedding before this  iam chekup a sexual doctors but doctors was chitter  he is not ok me. please sugeest a good medicine for my health improvement and also sexual health. 100%  safe medicine and no problem in futre  and  i satisfy my wife 

In: Sexual Health, Posted 5 years ago

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Hello and Greetings from

As you understand already that all of your sexual problems arose due to over practicing masturbation. We advice you to avoid this habit to procure your upcoming married Life and general health.

We advice you to take Butea Superba Capsules and Application of Butea Superba Gel This combination of both medicines is very effective in curing premature ejaculations,erectile dysfunction. loss of libido,enhance penile erection, Lowers the risk of sexual dysfunction etc. Take one capsule each twice a day after meals.

The gel needs to be applied very gently over the penis, with swift massaging strokes which go from the shaft of the penis to the tip. The massage must be continued till the gel seems to have been absorbed into the skin. For better results, the application of the gel must be done twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening.

Thank you

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