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problem with my penis and not becomming father.operation done in my childhood and Dr told to i should go operation again when i get 15 years, but my parents forgotten to do the iam married.please suggest for the same.

iam 30 years aged.iam facing a problem with my penis as it is very small and urine hole is in lower part of my my childhood operation done to my penis due to incorrect urine problem, and now iam married due to this iam not becomming father.we are enjoing sexual life but lacking childerns.can you please suggest me in this regard

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Fertility does not depend upon such things unless the ejaculation is healthy and adequate for successful intercourse. You need to understand fertilization only occurs when sperm of man and ovum of female are healthy. In simple words sperm analysis and women complete check up should be done to rule out that if the sperm, ovum and the organs producing them are healthy. The uterus of the women and other reproductive organs should be healthy for fertilization to take place.

So go for complete check up and get relevant tests done that what is wrong exactly.

Thank you Support

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