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Q: Hi. i’m murthy my age 23 yrs , i hav backpain from 6 yrs above how it is possible to cure?

i concerned orthopedic doctor he says its not major prblm ,in xray also nothing is find. and he says use belt . i concerned a physiotherophy he says do excersizes? can i run daily & can i play outdoor games?what can i do for its not repeat again? pls tell me

In: Fitness & Diet, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

If all the test are normal then this suggest that certain postures can be responsible for this Pain. Sometime times due to long sittings or any other particular position where spine is effected pain can happen. Avoid lifting heavy weight and bending.
Do not sit in same posture for long hrs, Seek advise of the physiotherapist for certain exercises to strengthen the back. Also we will recommend to massage with the Arthcare oil at night before sleep.

Thank you Support

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