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Remedy and cure for Diabetes over 129 in fasting and 134 after meal. Can it be cured with ayurvedid or home remedy?

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Diabetes and my fasting blood sugar is 129 and after meals is 134. I have controlled my diet and have started 30mins of light exercise everyday. But I still get a spinning and dizziness. Do i need any kind of medication of is it possible that this is happening because of something else? Can i rely on Ayurvedic medicine as I dont want to go for aelopathic. If yes, which ayurvedic medicine should I take and how. Else if I can do only with home remedies, please advise.

In: Diabetes, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Blood sugar has diagnostic values at fasting (empty stomach) levels and postprandial (after meal). The normal value for a random blood glucose test should range between 70 and 125 mg/dL  irrespective of the meals taken. The normal value of fasting blood glucose ranges between 80 and 100  mg/dL. Postprandial  that is 2 hours after eating, ranges between 70 and 145 mg/dL.

So here he concern is fasting as the PP is already controlled with good dietary habits. We will recommend to take diabeta capsules two capsules at night before going to bed. Rest keep up your daily routine. These are natural herbal capsules and are safe to use within therapeutic range.

Thank you Support

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