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seeking treatment

sir,i had masturbution habit in the past (3-4 years ago) and i stopped it.
After that i’m having nightfall once or twice a month or one time during few months(not frequently)along with urine.

“B’se of this my body has became very weak and lean and difficulty to walk ,think freely and deeply,memory loss,
nervousness,lack of self confidence “lost my boldness to face any situations confidently .

Also i have weak erection and MY right side scrotum is little bit lower than the left side one and looks little bit swallon than the other
on and also has mild pain on it.Sometimes it looks in normal condition and some times not

Because of this problems i ‘m not able to concentrate on my studies fully and not able to think deeply and keep those in memory and my mind has also became stressed some times because of this inability.

What medicine should i use to regain my physical and mental strength
Is there any side-effects in using the medicines.

kindly,please suggest a solution for my problems

In: Men's Health, Posted 7 years ago

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1 Answer

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

We recommend the combination of the Shilajit and Memocare capsules

Take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk. this combination will help in maintaining the physical and mental strength. Also it will help in reducing the stress levels and concentrate more. This will help in maintaining the physical and mental energy levels.

We recommend you at least three months course for desired results.

Thank you Support

Answers Answered By: Alice Level Rating1717 points

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