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semen leak with urine. how to stop.

i am vasanth and 32years old. i am single and my marriage fixed on January 2012. Doctor i had started masturbation habit on 1995. On that time i did a lot, means every day and sometimes twice a day. i think until year 1999 i did like this. Then i heard it’s a bad habit and it affect our health. So i try to stop and i couldn’t. Then gradually i stopped on year 2003. But i did 6 or 7month once some times after that. 2003 to 2008 i felt some times in my night dreams my semen came out (the dream is not bad like sexually) and then, my cheek muscles going down every day. Then first time i had sex with girls on year 2009 and 10 around few 20 times. 2times i didn’t use condom. Then doctor i felt my check muscle is going down every day and my semen is leak with urine and sometimes when i go toilet and when i close my anus that time some drops of semen come out. So i consult siddha doctor and had medicine and no improvement. Then i tried TCM medicine, it’s sometimes ok and also not fully cured, again the felt the same problem, then the TCM (he said my kidney is weak, so that it’s not cure) doctor said to consult the western doctor. then i check my health with local doctor and he said it’s normal and don’t worry, then he gave me some medicine. No use. Then i went to website and try urology doctor and told him everything, then he suggest to check urine test give me a medicine and injection. Then he said it’s just an infection and not to worry. He said the urine test result also normal, so no need to go further treatment and stop to go girls. i never go doctor. He gave me 1 week medicine, when i took that medicine i felt good and the leak is top and my cheek muscle come normal. Now I felt again same problem doctor. i don’t know what to do, i worried about my situation and i feel my life noting. Doctor it’s possible to cure fully. Please doctor, help me. i hope you reply me.

In: Men's Health, Posted 6 years ago

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