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Severe health problems due to extreme sexual exhaustion

Hello. I’ve been masturbating for over 10 years. I have pain in my prostate, testicle, penis [there\’s also a dent at the base of my penis near the pubic bone, like my penis hangs limp], lower and mid-back. My hair is falling out, and my eyesight is weakening.

I\’ve tried to order something like this from a website before but, it did nothing on me.

I want to know your ratings. Also, what would you recommend for me? I recently spoke to a UNANI doctor or Hakeem, he told me Shilajit was not right for me. I don\’t know why. Perhaps it would have adverse effects on my health?

Anyway, what would you recommend for me? Please reply soon. I can\’t put up with this pain longer. Also, I have a 6 inch penis, how can I increase it to say, double the girth and a few inches longer?

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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