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Severe Itchy skin ( maybe hives ) and bloated upper stomach

lately my inner arms , neck and upper chest have been itching like crazy mostly at night, to where it wakes me up and drives me crazy, then the other nite i watched as the areas turned red and swelled and itched like crazy then hurts. prior to this my upper abdomin is quite swolen like i’m 5 or 6 moths pregnant but i know i’m not. i also have easy bruising on my lower arms . what natural rememdie will help me with the itching and bloating

In: Skin Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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2 Answers

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings from Ayurvedic Cure

This could be the sign of liver disease.

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Thank you Support

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Answer #2

Itching can be caused by many conditions. A common cause of itch is psychological, that is, due to stress, anxiety, etc. Stress also can aggravate itch from other causes. Dry skin is another frequent cause of itch. Many people also report sunburn itch following prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Other causes include metabolic and endocrine disorders (for example, liver or kidney disease, hyperthyroidism), cancers (for example, lymphoma), reactions to drugs, and interruptions in bile flow (cholestasis), diseases of the blood (for example, polycythemia vera). Itching is common with allergic reactions. Itching can also result from insect stings and bites such as from mosquito or flea bites.

Answers Answered By: pritih Level Rating10 points

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