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sex problem

hi sir/madam, im jimmy. im 24. i have problem of sex. i was doing masturbation when i was 16. im feeling very week now and my semen is very thin now.when ever i think about girl or talking to girls my semen comes out. im feeling very bad. the problem is too much.. kindly help me please. because of this i m getting pimples on my can i solve my sex problem..i cant do partner is can i increase my sex i also have a problem of nightfall..its 5-6 time in month..when i do sex , in less than minute my semen comes more sex life..any solution for my problem,,please help me…any suggestable medicine..please please..

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Avoid masturbation during the course of products.

For local application use Cupidrex serum on shaft of the penis twice aday. this will help in getting long and strong erections. As regular massage will help in in increasing the blood flow to the penis thus support the erection.

Also start with the Asparagus capsules and shilajit capsules to rule out all the nutritional deficiencies of sex organs.
Take one capsule each two times a day with the milk after meal. Milk is also an Natural aphrodisiac substance. It enhances the properties of medicines if taken together. These products really strengthen the reproductive system. Thus the quality and the quantity of the sperm is increased. Also these help in the increasing the stamina and prevent the unusual loss of sperm.

Thank you Support

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