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Should we use Triphala regularly through out the year?

Hi, Thanks for your previous response. But is it really okay to take Triphala  365 days a year without a break even after the problems ( indigestion, minor constipation are cured?). Is it better to take it with meal or on empty stomach?  Thank You.  Hope to hear from you again.

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Answer #1

Hello and greetings from

Triphala is a wonderful herb having multi system benefits. Its regular course cures all digestive system disorders and cures IBS, Colitis and Constipation which are supposed to be root cause of many other diseases. It is also a rich source of anti oxudants and is called rasayan means anti aging and health booster. SO using triphala is a good habit but this course should be of a limited duration and then a pause is must. Using some medicine for long time may cause a fall in its results and efficacy. So we request you to use tirphala regularly for two three months to get good results and isif you are using triphala to maintain health and digestion power a gap of fifteen twenty days after a regular course will be best. You should use triphala empty stomach in the morning and after meals in the evening. Further queries are welcome.


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Answer #2

In ayurveda there is something called as Ritu Triphala, which means (ritu – seasons) as per
seasons you combine triphala with different herbs, e.g. during Grishm ritu you take it with Jaggery (solidified sugarcane juice), during Vasanth ritu you take it with Honey, so on and
so forth. So you can safely take all the 365 days without a break. Further if you really want to
do Kaya Kalpa (i.e. rejejuvanate your whole body) you should take tripahala season wise for
12 years and then you get extra ordinary health with umpteen benefits but triphala should be
of good quality and once prepared at home its life span is not more than 4 months. Thus
triphala can be taken continuously without break.

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