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side effect for body growing medicine and night discharge lassitude, body weakens , sleepless


I am 20 year old male.i am first time sorry for my (English)  2 years ago i used body building medicine. that medicine name is  “body grow (a white color powder )”,the medicine using instruction is mixed with milk ate daily, then i do it lot of exercise i make my body a Gym. after 6 months that medicine making starting problems. the first problem is my body growing stopped starting body diet automatically. when i going to sleep i can’t sleep night  that time start UN-controllable night discharge this problem continue every night. i can’t control masturbation.  i don’t know about body growing medicine have lot side effects no one give advise foe me.after that year i make on more build body make a gym. started with a Ayurveda product name ” maruthvua panchgeeraka gudam for men ” ate everyday then start body problems one more. start allergy,  then body diet my body look like a  stick. my friends said your look like a drumstick then some months i have pain on my penis. when i saw any English movies sex scene my body start increasing heart beating, when i delay for eating food that time happening this problem. that time i can’t speech any thing because high level heartbeat.


That year my weight 36 kg after 2 year i don’t know after that years there is miracle happened. thanks for god. my body weight 10 kg increased today my weight 46 kg. my allergy problem solved  a Doctor he give me a good cure. but still my body have lassitude and night discharge a little diet i loss my concentration, digestive problems, i hate my life because my life have no pleasure.

 please  sir help me what are the cure of this this disease

how to recover body energy. what are the medicine if i use this shilajith medicine fix all problems

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You should start with safe herbal and ayurvedic Supplements to get rid of these problems treated completely. Kohinoor Gold Plus capsules and Ashwagandha capsules

These are both herbal preparations which will help to cure your problem from root and will improve sexual and physical power. Premature ejaculation,nightfall etc will be washed away with regular course of these two medicines for minimum three to four months.Regular medication will restore the stamina, energy,power and confidence. So we recommend a regular course of these medicines with increase in water intake and healthy nutritional diet for satisfactory results.

Take one capsule twice a day after meal with milk. This will help in increasing the stamina and power. Take 8-10 almonds and soak them in water overnight and consume them every morning with Milk. this will help in strengthening the reproductive organs.


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