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sir can i stop it that ervery four days in a week i have loss sperm night fall how i can i stop it?

Doctor, my age is 25 years. I am doing masturbation since year 2000 that is from the age of 16. Earlier time from age 16 to 18 I was doing it for almost 5 days in a week. At that time my body was healthy. But after age of 18, I stopped masturbating suddenly for 1 and half year. But I got maximum lost of sperm, my body strength (mental and physical) during this time. I didn’t masturbate but I got problem of night fall and day fall. At any time my sperm came out and I was totally out of control. After that time I never could stop night fall and I started masturbation again. But doctor now at the age of 25 I have lost my pennis length to only 2 inches and whenever there is nightfall I have to go to bed for almost 15 to 16 hours. I am feeling nervousness. I can’t come out that. There is no any sensation in my internal organs like penis. I can’t control urinal and anal canal problems. Doctor I feel very bad. I feel ashamed of to out my self to the world. I can not thought innovative ideas, I can just copy, cut and paste ideas from other. I thought if it will continue for more years I will become old at age of 30. I have lost all the young energetic persons features. At the same time i have a headache, GIT  system problems, headache like migraine. Feel shame when some woman see me. Never sex with any female in my life and i have lost every thing. If you have a medicine which can give my strength back (strength like young person) then give me remedy i will be thankful to you. Give me remedy to all my problems. Give medicine so i can generate strength for sex of my age girls(24 years)should I consultant psychiatrist for this problem

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Night fall happens in people who are not exposed to sexual relations or activity for longer time. It is normal as this is response of the body to internal sexual tension or in simple words no ejaculation by any means. It is also called uncontrolled self emission of sperm at night.

Regular nocturnal emission can result in weakness, lack of concentration, headache, low sexual stamina and power,also low sperm count. If night fall happens twice or once a month then it is normal.You are suffering from such condition because of penile muscles weakness, so firstly Avoid masturbation.

Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables. healthy, light and balanced diet.Do regular meditation to relax your mind with pranayam.

We recommend you to take Kohinoor Gold and Gokshura capsules Helps to prevent urogenital infections. Take one capsule each twice a day after meals with the milk. This combination of herbs will help in regaining the lost power and stamina of your body.

Use the products regularly for the period of three months to get desired results.


Thank you Support

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