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Sir please give me the correct food items

thanks a lot sir, i hav sum queries.. i have no money bcos im a student so pls sir kindly gv d list of foods (not tablets) to increase my strength n stamina n healthy sperms from my home itself bcos my parents becum too sad when they knw tat i hav tis pbm. how can i chang my lifestyle? i fully delete the pron stuffs nw, pls gv the idea abt how to overcum d fear?.if i think abt any pron stuffs then wat can i do at tat time sir? pls answer me sir.Im waiting for ur reply
Thank u…

In: Sexual Health, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sperm is the ital part of the body as it participate in reproduction of new ones. As per ayurvedic texts it is considered to be one of the basic piller of human life cycle. One needs to preserve it for making it healthy and more effective at the time of intercourse. Lots of factors are to be taken in to consideration like avoiding stress, healthy diet, less ejaculation minimum interval 2-3 days. Avoiding masturbation and factors that aggravate the urge to masturbate like watching porn stuff, adult forum and erotic talks.

Keep your self busy with some another work whenever you have feeling to masturbate.

After following some healthy lifestyle tips to avoid over ejaculation we move to diet plan. Take diet that help in improving the testosterone levels for better sperm count and ejaculation.

Zinc, vitamins like C and E are good in enhancing the sperm count. Foods that should be taken are red meat, fish, Asparagus, wheat, pumpkin, white of the egg. Also drink a glass of milk twice a day as this is natural aphrodisiac food.

Strictly avoid fast food, fried food, alcohol consumption, smoking and frequent masturbation.

As far as health products are concerned you can order and take kapikachhu capsules and Shwet musli anytime.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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