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Sperms do not come out. what is the problem?

i am 21 and masturbating since 2 years but while doing this the sperms do not come out as in others it does so. what is the problem? please help me i am in a depression.

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sometimes due to over masturbation sperm does not ooze out as in normal case. Because when we continuously masturbate and we do not give ample of time for formation of sperm in that case such condition prevails.
We recommend not to masturbate and eat healthy diet.
Zinc is vital for viable sperm count, motility and a high percentage of live sperm in the semen. Zinc is present in semen and therefore men can lose excessive quantities of zinc through ejaculation – therefore it is critical that zinc is replaced through the diet daily. Foods rich in zinc such as lambs, turkeys, barleys, wheat, oysters, beans, nuts, red meats, raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds are considered to be the super-foods that can help to increase the sperm count in men.

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you Support

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