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Swollen prostrate gland


please explain the signs for this sexual problems

1 Swollen prostrate gland
2 Weak parasympathetic nerve

Can Masturbation cause swelled prostrate gland?
Are these two the same issue and how can it be cured?
Pain on penis cap after masturbation?

Please Advice

In: Premature Ejaculation, Posted 7 years ago

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1 Answer

Answer #1

Hello And Greetings from Ayurvedic Cure

You seem to be suffering from prostatitis / nervine weakness due to over masturbation. It can be caused by various methods but most common are continuous masturbation for long times and repeated urogenital infections which result in weak urinary and reproductive system. The infections turn chronic and prostate gland which secretes a major part of semen and ejaculation pressure becomes weak.
Take Kohinoor Gold and Shilajit capsules Both herbal preparations which will help to cure your problem from root and will improve sexual and physical power. Slowly you will regain the lost power, erection, sex duration and semen. So keep your course regular and increase water intake.
Good diet and regular medication will give your satisfactory results.

Thank you Support

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