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Symptoms and Causes of Pityriasis Alba

What is Pityriasis Alba?
The skin disorder, Pityriasis Alba is an idiopathic dermatosis that occurs commonly; this is characterized by oval or round, colorless patches of hypopigmentation that has fine scales. This usually occurs on the cheeks. This is a skin disorder that is chronic and affects mainly children and adolescents. This is also known as “Dry white patches”. Many people mistake Pityriasis Alba as vitiligo. You can distinguish Pityriasis Alba from vitiligo by looking at rash border.

What causes Pityriasis Alba?
The causes for this skin disorder are not known. Whenever the skin becomes dry this rash gets worse. It is being considered as similar to eczema but milder. During winter the skin becomes dry the appearance of rash is flaky. In summer the affected areas of the skin do not change colors whereas the normal skin color changes to tan; because of this Pityriasis Alba is visible more during summer.

This does not require any treatment is necessary except that applying a moisturizing cream might improve the appearance of dryness. In case the affected areas are itchy or red apply a steroid topical cream that is mild.

What are Pityriasis Alba Symptoms?
The following are the Pityriasis Alba symptoms.
• Oval or round shaped white patches appear and these are lighter than the surrounding skin.
• If exposed to sun, the rash or spots become red very fast.

• Normally only 2 or 3 macules will occur; the diameter of this can vary from five to thirty mm. They usually occur on your mid-forehead, periorbital / perioral areas and malar ridge. They might also occur in the neck, back, trunk and scrotum.

How to treat Pityriasis Alba?
Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to treat this rash and it will go away automatically. If you use a hydrocortisone or moisturizer it is likely that the patches disappear faster. The rash normally takes a few months to get resolved even if you undergo treatment. In case the patches become itchy or red apply a steroid topical cream that is mild on the affected area, for some days

How to prevent Pityriasis Alba?
The best way to prevent Pityriasis Alba is to avoid getting exposed to sunrays.

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