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Symptoms of Ringworm

The clinical name for ringworm is tinea.  While we have heard of ringworm in animals, it can affect human beings too.  Ringworm is a virus that infects the skin of both humans and domesticated animals as well as farm animals such as sheep and cattle. 

Ringworm can take the form of a skin disease or a parasitic infection found in the intestine.  When ringworm takes a fungal form it can be found anywhere on the body as well as on the feet and in the scalp.  The fungus lives off of a substance called keratin.  Keratin is found on the epidermis, or outer layers of a person’s or animal’s skin.  It is also found in hair and nails.

The ringworm fungus grows on moist skin and in dark places.  At first, a person or animal with ringworm will have red, scaly skin.  As the virus progresses, the scaly skin will turn into circular shapes.  Ringworm is contracted by contact with a person or animal that has the infection.  An infection on the skin can last for about two weeks.  A ringworm infection of the scalp can last between four-to-seven days.  To learn more about the causes and symptoms of ringworm, read the following article.

What causes ringworm?
Ringworm can occur when the fungal infection comes in contact with a healthy person.  A person can contract ringworm from unsanitary conditions.  One of the top ways to contract ringworm is from a family pet that has ringworm or by wearing soiled clothing or using hair accessories that an infected person has used.  It is important to wash your hair and body and dry them thoroughly as cleanliness plays a large part in contracting the infection.

What are symptoms of ringworm?
Ringworm can appear on the body or in the scalp.  A person with ringworm on their skin will have red and inflamed circular patches on their skin.  The skin on their face can exhibit raised, red, scaly rings on the skin.  The skin will also tend to itch.

When a person has ringworm on their scalp, scaly sections of skin will form above the scalp.  The red patches will have small black dots in them and will continue to enlarge.  A person with ringworm on their scalp will feel a difference in the texture of their hair.  The hair will become brittle and can easily break off.

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