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tells us some fruits and vegetables that can be help to recover from masterbation

I have been masterbating since i was 12 and now i’am 19 years old. 

i’am having all the symptons which can be occur through masterbation. I wanted to ask you that if there are some fruits and vegetables which can recover some energy which i have lose that would be very helpfull to me. thank you !

In: Body Care, Posted 4 years ago

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Hello And Greetings from

Avoid over ejaculation of sperms. At yours age one undergoes tremendous hormonal changes that creates an urge for intercourse and its normal. So to satisfy sexual desires they fall for masturbation; an ill habit that creates problem in long run. At present you will restore the energy levels with good balanced diet rich in zinc and proteins. But regular over masturbation will have side effects like premature ejaculation, libido and many others.

Diet that helps in recovering from masturbation includes milk, fresh fruits, proteins and zinc. Eliminate excessive caffeine from your diet. Focus on nutty foods like sunflower seeds, and peanuts and eat more sea foods, seaweed, vegetables, more soybean products. Drink orange juice or cranberry juice of course, drink plenty of water.


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