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testicular pain

i used to masturbating since 15 …. in start daily then at 19 thire or tetra a week … i did it as the sperms near to came out i always grip the tip of my penis so that they should not be come out of it and i may satisfy me too … then after 15-20 sec 2nd i used to slide my lower spermal vein in back direction to pull all the sperms back to my body ….. now m 22 and i felt it scaring for future so i left masturbating since 3 weeks now the prob is that k when i do urine ejaculation then after urine i feel that 2-3 drops of very thin sperms also come out and then i feel pain in my testies which itself is removed in 2-3 hours then again after 2-3 days such is occuring continuously .. and if i masturbate in this condition then sperm dont come out for 3-4 days n no pain in testies and if i dont masturbte agin the sane situation occurs..but i wanna quit masturbation and get rid of this testicular pain.. in start it was more when i left initailly but now it is alomst 50% of the initial pain…. now u please guide me how i tackle this situation and what r the -ve effects and in future does it contain any problems in childs production ? please guide me throughly thank u … !!!

In: Penis Health, Posted 7 years ago

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