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The effects of my excessive masturbation, and how to address the issue in a discreet way?

I am almost 20 years old, and I’ve been masturbating since I was about 11 or 12 years old. At first it started off innocently, but since then, I’ve been masturbating increasingly more and more and more. On average, I masturbate between 6 and 8 times in a day (up to 10 or 12 if I have the energy for it). Yes, I do have a life (I am in college, have a girlfriend, and play live music on a regular basis), so it’s not as simple as just finding a hobby to occupy my time.

Some of the effects of my excessive masturbation are a pain in the middle of my prostate after masturbation (through the canal where sperm flows), headaches, and dehydration. However, I also believe my sleep is being affected by it as well. When I go to bed, I never wake up feeling rested. Also, I can NOT wake up to anything, especially when I’m in my own bed (where I most masturbate). This morning I set 3 alarms (two on clocks, one on my phone at full volume across the room), and woke up 3 hours late with no memory of any alarms. The reason why I believe it may be related to my masturbation is because I don’t have a problem waking up when I’m staying over at peoples’ houses where I don’t masturbate. However, even if my sleep isn’t being affected by my masturbation, I’m sure we can agree it’s a problem to be doing it 6-8 times every day.

How would I address the issue of my masturbation in a discreet way? I still live with my parents right now, and I don’t want them knowing about my issue (they’re not the type of parents I feel like I can ever go to for help without getting into a fight or having the whole world know of my problems). I was reading around on this site and saw something called ashwagandha, which I will pick up tomorrow. If I decide to take that to help, should I take a supplement whenever I feel the urge, or with meals, or what? More importantly, how do I control my urges to masturbate in the first place?

I seriously need help. I’ve done almost everything else to stop, and yet I keep going.

In: Penis Health, Posted 6 years ago

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Answer #1

To add to it, I’m also experience premature ejaculation… It’s embarrassing, especially when I’m with my girlfriend.

Answers Answered By: Mikegh Level Rating2 points

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