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This is regarding cancer treatment in ayurveda…can my question be answered in this site?

My father is a cancer patient with squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed in 2008. Undergone Radiation, Chemotherapy 4 cycles and now total laryngectomy in October 2011. TIll now he is not able to swallow even liquids and its been two months that he has undergone surgery. Now allopathy doctors are suspecting this may be due to recurrence of tumor in the surrounding area that was operated. Test results are yet to be out. Meanwhile I am checking if there is any treatment in ayurveda that can help me make my dad eat atleast some food and live. I terribly pray god that it should not be a recurrence. Please let me know on any help from you. With all my thanks to everyone….bhargavi.

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

As your father has already undergone total laryngectomy in October 2011 and still they have difficulty in swallowing so its better to follow the doctors instructions and wait for the reports.
Rest we do not have products related to carcinoma. All the details clearly indicates the cancer of throat or Larynx.
Sorry we do not have products related to same.

Thank you Support

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