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Too much hair loss…. Unusual skin problem…need solution.

Hi, I am 24 years old girl. I had very long black thick and strong hairs. But now they are are continuously falling. They have also have turned brown, a few are black. I am very much worried about it. All my family members have thick long black hairs. My mother she is 48 yers old but still she has long and more thick hairs than me. I had been to the dermatologist but it didn’t worked. In fact, I got hairs on my face with that medicine but not on the head. My mother says that I take too much tension that is why the hairs falls so much. Now the length and strength of my hairs is not even the half of my previous length. At first my scalp was fully covered with my hairs but now it is not. Now I have changed my country which is NZ and the speed of the hair fall has also increased. I am here from 1 year and my hairs are continuously falling with every season. Now I am afraid that I may not get bald in few years. Please help me. I need a solution which can be applicable in NZ and also not very expensive. I also do yoga few days in a week.

Another problem which I have is the red spots on my face. they were not in India but when I came here I got them after a month. they are not pimples and not outside my skin. They are under the skin. I tried facials but it didn’t workout. I been to the doctor, he did all the tests and he found a littlebit hormonal imbalance but that is quite minute like 0.005 %. He said that it is not a big change in your body. He perscribed me contraceptive pills. But I didn’t take them. By coming here I also got irregular periods. If someone look at my skin like any doctor or beautician then that person notices the problem with my face but the cannot recognise the real problem and cannot find out the solution. At first my skin was quite glowing without any scars or pimples. Even now I donot have any pimples but those red spots down my skin and they are on the face only and not on the rest parts of the body. I have also got too much really too much white heads on my face now. Sometimes they turn to pimples but do not leave any scars on my face. I didn’t had such problems in India, but from this one year I am having these problems. I never had any facial then or any thing, or I can say that I never been to beautician for any beauty treatment. I just pay attention on the healthy diet and yoga. Now I do not know what happened that I got these problems, I want to get rid of them. My skin also remains too dry but when i ty some glicren on my face or body then it turn ok but on the next day the situation turns same. But if I regularly uses glycrine or any olily products on my face then the white heads on my face turns to pimples. I also have few white heads on my back, but I exfoliate them regularly. please give my a specific soluton.

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Greetings from Thanks for your contribution of question here. Well, we think that you need to undergo some herbal remedy for your hair loss. Read in detail here .

Also, use Natural Skin Care Products regularly in order to balance your pH of the skin and to regulate the melanin and other secretion under the skin that play vital role in skin health.


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