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Treat Tongue Bumps At Home

An injury of any form to the tongue is a very depressing experience. You are unable to eat properly, which may lead to further complications by giving you an upset stomach. Apart from eating, an injury or a bump on the tongue prevents you from talking easily, and causes social awkwardness. An enlarged swelling of the tongue makes breathing very uncomfortable and may cause choking.

While chewing your food in a rush, you may bite your own tongue. This may cause a slight injury or a bump on the tongue. An allergy to a particular food could also lead to bumps. Even the brand of toothpaste you use may lead to a bump of the tongue if you have an allergy towards any of its components. Other causes include yeast infection or an ulcer in the oral cavity.

Apart from the self-inflicted injuries while eating, the most common cause of bumps is an allergy to foods. A medical practitioner may not be very helpful in identifying the items to which you are allergic. It is important that you note of your own accord the reaction your body has to the foods you consume.  Just keep a mental record of the food that you ate just before you develop the symptoms. If the cause is quickly identified treatment can be very quick and effective.

Simple remedies
Bumps on the tongue or swelling of the tongue caused by an allergy can be relieved by the application of a swab that has been dipped in a salt solution. Salt has anti-bacterial properties that help to reduce the swelling. This is particularly useful for treating cuts on the tongue. Another effective agent for curbing allergies and infection is vinegar. Have a glass of water to which two spoonfuls of apple cider has been dissolved. Keep your oral cavity and tongue clean by frequently rinsing your mouth, particularly after meals.

If the cause of the bumps is a deficiency of vitamin B, eat more curds to help with the situation.

Regular intake of vitamin C is very useful as it helps to build-up overall body resistance to a number of common ailments. Eating more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C is always a good way to combat minor infections. If you are unable to get enough vitamin C through natural foods, supplement your diet with tablets of vitamin C and multivitamins.

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