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Treatments for Tinea Cruris

Treatments for Tinea Cruris

How to Recognize Tinea Cruris

The common term for Tinea Cruris is called Jock Itch which is an itching in the groin that happens in men.  The medical term for the groin is Tinea and an infection that happens in the groin which is akin to Ringworm that affects the groin area.

Grown males are susceptible to the fungus that causes infection in the groin.  The way this condition is manifested is much like ringworm or Tinea Corporis.

Starting at the groin or scrotum and continuing down the inner thighs this rash appears as a border that is red in color and has an elevated scaly area. Like ringworm, Tinea Cruris may appear on the buttocks with patterns that look like small rings.  This can be a very itchy condition.

How Tinea Cruris Can Be Contracted
Male adults are prone to developing this infection.  This is a fungus and like most fungi they thrive in moist warm areas, therefore they infect the groin.  A lack of good hygienic habits give rise to this fungus and those who are very active in their daily life are susceptible to it.

Although not a highly contagious condition, Tinea can be an infection that is contracted by either direct contact or just by sharing items like wash cloths or clothes.  This can also be the affect of contact with some chemicals.

Some Common Treatments for Tinea Cruris
Using an anti-fungal type medicine twice a day and applying to the skin of the affected area will probably clear the condition rapidly.

The use of an anti-fungal cream to the affected area and applying it in an area larger than the infection should help to clear the rash.

Treatment of the condition should last for a few days, and be continued even after the affected area is cleared for up to another six days.  This will help prevent the rash from coming back.  Also, changing under clothing on a regular basis and changing the wash cloths and towels used frequently will help prevent the rash.

When using the locker rooms or other types of public changing areas be careful not to touch towels that another individual has used.  Always make sure to dry the area thoroughly and wear loose fitting clothing.

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