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Trying to get pregnant, Irregular periods!

I’m trying to get pregnant. In Oct’08 I did get pregnant but had an early miscarriage. After one month I tried to get pregnant but because of my irregular period there hasn’t been any success. So I’m looking out for some natural herbs which will not only regulate my period while I’m TTC( trying to concieve) but also prevent miscarriage once I’ve concieved. I’ve come across two options:- 1. Shatavari 2. Regunova. But I’m not sure which one will be best for me. So please advice me. Thanks in advance for all your help and valuable guidance.

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Greetings from and thanks for contributing your question. You have had history of miscarriage and that makes things to be worried about. If your uterus has tendency to have an abortion, you probably need a unique therapy that may combine of holistic exercises, internal supplements, hormonal supplements and even some stitches (if required to strengthen the uterus.

You can take both; Shatavari and Regunova Plus. Consume two capsules of Shatavari in the morning and 2 of Regunova in the afternoon. Again, in the evening, take the Shatavari and in the night Regunova. Please follow the instructions you find on products’ pages.

I also recommend to undergo some screening such as blood test, ultrasound, 2D or 3D echo etc to know the exact causes. You can also practice Pranayama that is said to be very useful in keeping body in harmony.


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