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urgent help

sir,im 25 yrs male.from the past 15yrs i was masturbating. one of my friend misguided the young i did it for just enjoyment,later on it became like regular practice and became an addiction.i tried to stop it and i stopeed also but wen i stop it i can stop only for 2 to 3 days.after tht i feel that my semen is at the tip of my penis and it is forcing me to masturbate..i cant control that for more time and i masturbate.why it is like that.because of heavy masturbation my penis also lost its size it is just 1 1/2 inch and have got premature ejaculation also. it is totally bent and curved and its not straight at all.and its not erect also.last time i had sex with my girl friend and she told tht it is waste of having sex wit me and she broke with me also saying tht ur penis size is very very small and u can never satisfy any gil with ur penis.i dnt know wat to do im mentally depressed as she is my third girlfriend to break up with me..kindly help me to stop masturbation practice and help me in gaining big size of my penis,and to get healthy penis.after 6 months i have planned to get married.plz help me sir..wat pill i can take and how many months i have to continue taking tht.plz save me.i will be really thankful to you.

In: Erectile Dysfunction, Posted 7 years ago

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