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vaginal health

starting on thursday of last week i have had really bad lower abdominal pain that stayed the same even though i had advil all the way till yesterday (tuesday) my period came on time on saturday but it was abnormal, it was greyish and really light to start until i passed something fleshy looking then it turend my period really red for the rest of the day and then sunday it was brown and really light not it was gone by early tuesday. the pain is still there but it doesnt feel in my stomach its more in my cervix now, my doctor ruled out a miscarage and said that my cervix doesnt seem very tender and she doesnt think there is any signs of infection but i told her to test for clyamidia and gohoreah to be sure. i have a really scary feeling it could be herpes or even hpv. i have a pimple looking thing on my bum and on my leg and idunno im just freaking out please help! (sorry for the spelling im in a rush)

In: Sexual Health, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sorry this is very difficult to make any exact diagnosis of your problem as in this case we need physical examination of Vagina an internal check up but as you have told that your doctor denied chances of infection in vagina and you passed something fleshy so may be chances of miscarriage if you were pregnant.

You need the complete examination and proper test for evaluation

Thank you Support.

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