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vitiligo , causes to the disease and the cure

hello , i recently got to know that i am suffering from vitiligo. dont know since when may be 1year or 2 years. but was diagnosed few weeks back .i have patches on my penis and testes also . i wanted to know is it curable ?? and the reason behind dis disease

In: Skin & Hair Problems, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Vitiligo is an auto immune disorder in which there is discoloration of skin.
In this melanin producing cells become inactive causing discoloration of the skin.
As per ayurveda Improper diet is considered as the cause of autoimmune disorder. Also this disease is non infectious. Avoid stress.

The main cause of this type of disease is intake of mutually contradictory food, and drinks which are liquid. Suppression of natural urges. Performance of physical exercise in excessive heat and after taking very heavy meals. Use of cold water immediately after exposure to scorching sun, exertion.
Improper dietary habits like intake of uncooked food and/or intake of food, before the previous meal is digested;

Over intake of certain form of foods like food prepared of freshly harvested grains, curd, fish, salt, and sour substances.

We recommend you to take Khadir and guduchi capsules one each two times a day after meal.
khadir is very famous herb in skin care and guduchi is very good immunomodulator. So both these products will help in boosting the immunity as well melanin producing cells.

Take course of the above products for period of at least three months for desired results and can be extended as per requirement.
Diet restrictions must be followed.

Thank you Support

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