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weakened penius & night fall

ello! i am 27 year old, like other young guys i start masturbation at my earlier age of 15, i was misguided by many people that masturbation doesn’t effect human health, but now i came to know it really does. an year ago i start my hair loss, and up to now i been lost about half of my hair, my head is not completely out of hair, and i am suffering from last 5 year from night fall problem and day by day my penis is shrinking and day by day my stomach condition going down, i am not able to do sex.due to small penis and early discharge(with in 2 to 3 minute).

I can see these effects on my body: Hair fall, dry skin, premature ejaculation, seminal leakage, weak knees and nausea at times, and in a week i am getting 3 to 4 time night fall.

And i have done lots of treatment for this but still am suffering form night fall and i spend a lots of money also. then one of my friend told for your web site so please help me, right now i am in Delhi

In: Sexual Health, Posted 7 years ago

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