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weakness due to unwanted semen discharge , pain in bones , tiredness eye and head pain.

dear sir,

my age is 23 and iam having problems of weakness due to unwanted senebn discharge, the problems i am facing are :-

1) slime like semen discharge in my first urine at morning

2) reduction of weight

3) pain in bones when i wake up everyday and sometimes it even lasts the whole day

4) feeling tiredness and no excitement in doing anything , and i also feel mentally weak

5) pain and bulgum in my chest but no cough and cold

6) eye pain & head pain
5) burning sensation and gas in stomach

In: Sexual Problems, Posted 5 years ago

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1 Answer

Answer #1

Hello and Greetings from

We recommend you to take Gokshura capsules It is beneficial in help treating urinary tract infections, strengthens uro-genital system. Take one capsule twice a day after meals . Along with this take Ashvagandha capsules It stimulates immune system and restores strength. Ashvagandha promotes better oxygen flow to the muscle cells thus allowing added strength and more endurance. It has multiple properties anti-inflammatory,anti-oxidant,aphrodisiac,anti-microbial,reduces anxiety. Take one capsule at night after meals before going to bed.

For indigestion take G-Zyme capsulesĀ It helps in improving Digestive System, helps in removing flatulence, gastritis etc. Take one capsule in morning after your meals.

Avoid tea,coffee,soft drinks,spicy,heavy and fried food. Do not go to bed just after having meals. Take a mild walk in between. Drink 5-6 litres water per day.

Use this whole combination for min. three months to get satisfactory results.


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