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Weakness of penis and not standing well And also pain of penis and also ……………….&*********************

Hell sir…sir I was doing the HP , from the previous two years with so hard…so I got now the weakness of penis and standing normally and also main problem is , I am getting the pain of my glans of skin…so plz tell what is the precation to avoid it….

In: Penis Health, Posted 4 years ago

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Hello and greetings from

Over masturbation can cause trouble in erection of penis, low sexual stamina and uncontrolled emission of the sperm.  If you have a habit of practicing over masturbation than start diverting yourself whenever you feel urge to masturbate. You can engage yourself to some work or can thing anything that you like or try to be in group of friend or family. Also you can start with light exercise daily or meditation as this will help in providing to strong will power. This will help in preserving the sperm and stamina.

Start with Kohinoor gold and Shilajit capsules Shilajit is well known for providing the essential nutrients to the body and helps in easy metabolism of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium to the body. This also possess aphrodisiac properties that can be helpful in raising energy levels. Kohinoor gold contains the pure herbal extracts of various herbs that helps in improving general vitality. This maintains sexual stamina and power.

Take one capsule each twice a day after meal with milk. Use combination for the period of three months to get desired results. .

Further queries are always welcome.

Thank you

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