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Weight loss

Hi, Iam 27 yrs married women. Iam 5.2 ft tall with 60 kg weight I want to loose weight. Iam house wife and Iam planning to get pregnant. Pls suggest me some soulution for this.

In: Weight Loss, Posted 7 years ago

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Hello And Gretings From Ayurvedic cure

one should be healthy and not over weight. to loose weight immediately people often start hard dieting which is wrong as they miss the essential nutrients in this way.
Also one must understand that there are certain vitamins which are commonly called fat soluble vitamins. These are only soluble in fats so one must have certain fat in the body that can help in the absorption of these vitamins.
Do not eat heavy meals instead try the small meals in divided doses. drink plenty of water.. Avoid fried food and meat. Add green leafy vegetables / green salad to the diet. Morning brisk walk is very essential and never go to bed immediately after taking dinner.
Go for evening walk regularly after dinner for 20 mins. at least.
Also take Morslim Z ; two capsules in the morning before meal with Luke warm water and if possible then go for walk.

Thank you Support

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