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What are the benefits of cardocare capsules

What is cardocare medicine and where it is available? which ayurvedic products sold in India contain this herb hawthorn(cretegus oxyacanthias)?

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Hello and greetings from Thanks for your interest in our products.

Cardocare Capsules act as herbal tonic for heart and circulatory system. The weakness of heart muscles as in case of cardiomegaly or in case of insufficiency of valves in heart the pumping force of heart decreases and circulation is affected. Cardocare should be used for circulatory problems and these type of heart related diseases. It helps in maintaining normal blood pressure levels, increasing cardiac output, maintain healthy circulatory system and is cardio-protective in nature. It empowers the heart muscles and valves to improve cardiac output. It helps to achieve better pumping action in heart and maintain circulation up to extremities. So use this medicine for almost two three months to get satisfactory results. Increase in water intake and good natural diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables etc is very good for you. Avoid salty, spicy and fatty foods. Please visit to shop for the products by on-line shopping. But we do not ship hawthorn or thornapple products.


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