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What are the effects of Neem on body?

Hello, I know that Neem is good for the skin. Neem is said to be a bood purifier, so if it purifies the blood constatly when taken, will it deplete the nutrients of other herbs in my blood that I may take in conjunction with it?….Or will the blood purifying ability of neem help improve other nutrients/herbs I take? Can neem possibly lighten the skin since it detoxifies the system? I guess my main concern is that since it cleans the blood; is it cleaning everything in the blood such as nutrients from other supplements….and since it cleans the system and aids the skin in the process; can it lighten the skin and rid the skin of blemishes?

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Neem is a powerful blood purifier. It is a natural and safe medicine to clear skin and infections from body. For most of the diseases microorganisms are the main reason. Neem is a herb which has potent anti microbial effect. It stops the growth of microorganisms and even clears them. It is also helpful in increasing immunity of body. Neem clears only harmful microorganisms to make blood clear and pure and also helps to get better controls on blood sugar levels. It helps in wound healing. So all these measures help skin stay fresh, shiny, clear and free of all skin problems like acne, boils, eczema etc. It never interferes with nutrients and other medicines. It is safe and good for body. One can use Neem regular for long time. Further queries are welcome.


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