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What are the herbal supplements to stop hair loss?

I want to know what could be done about individuals as my self who find it hard to make time to use the Hair Loss Cream.  I agree it does work but would like to know if I could have supplements rather than using the cream. I also wish to know how long I would need to take them before I see any result. While I had been ill I managed to make time for the cream and I saw benefits after a week. But I am back at work and as I get up early and work lates it really is hard to make time when your exhausted after a long days work. I am still on the contrceptive pill for my hair and skin.

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Hair loss is a big problem and needs immediate treatment. Hair fall is so common problem that people in their mid twenties or thirties are also suffering from it. Premature graying of hairs, hair fall, dandruff, rough and dry hairs are some general problems of hairs. Hairs need some care and nourishment. Hair Loss Cream and Bhringraja are herbal, effective and safe medicines for hair loss. These medicines help in providing proper nutritional support to the hairs and strengthens theirs roots. Their regular use makes hair thick, dark, shiny and strong. These medicines eradicate the problem of dandruff and helps in neutralizing the effect of pollution on hairs. Dandruff is generally the major cause of hair fall. These herbal medicines control premature hair graying and hair loss. These are very good hair tonics. So use these medicines continuously two to three months and get satisfactory results. Take more healthy diet enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables. Take four to five liters of water daily.


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How to get food digested in nights?
And how to get easy motions in the early mornings?

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Hello Naveen

Digestive system problems are increasing day by day due to sedative hectic life style and fast food culture. You should take Trikatu to improve your appetite and digestion naturally. It will help you normalizing your digestive system. To get better evacuation daily and to improve your peristaltic movements naturally start with Triphala. Take both these medicines together twice a day for almost two three months to get healthy digestive system. Both these medicines are safe and non habit forming. Further queries are welcome.


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