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what are the symptoms of a yeast infection? what can i use to help heal a cut ??

I have a little cut in the side of my vulva, I believe it is just a little cut but it is taking to long to heal. I was reading a paper where it said that this could be yeast infection, I have most of the symptoms like itching, burning when i pee, and the paper cut. However I also have very large kidney stones and that this can be producing be the burning and itching, but this does not explain the reason of my cut. I have use bacitracin ointment to prevent any infections and to help the cut heal but it does not improve at all. 

In: Vaginal Problems, Posted 6 years ago

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Hello And Greetings From Ayurvedic Cure

Sometimes when the kidney stones flush out trough Urine they can produce lesions in the urinary tract as sometimes these are very sharp. We will first of all recommend to start with rencare capsules that will help in breaking the kidney stones. We recommend to consult the doctor and apply proper ointment inside the vagina to heal it.

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