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What is best to control high uric acid and high cholesterol levels?

Can you please let me know whether amla juice is good for uric acid and cholesterol? Also please let me know few food items that are good for both high uric acid and high cholesterol? Thanks

In: General Health,Home Remedies, Posted 9 years ago

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Answer #1

Hello and greetings from

High levels of uric acid in blood can be due to increased production of uric acid in body or low excretion from body. Increased uric acid in body causes gouty arthritis and if the uric acid crystals deposit in and around joints it can even destroy the joint making movements impossible. Amla is a rich source of vitamin – C and has high medicinal values. Recent studies have proved that amla can reduce the acute attacks of gout and prevents situation to deteriorate further. So you can use amla juice, powder or capsules to control your uric acid levels. Arthcare Capsules are best to relieve acute attack of gouty arthritis.

Cholesterol level if increased can cause narrowing of blood vessels and is also a major cause of heart attack. The extra amount of fat or cholesterol gets deposited in the blood vessel walls and leaves no space for blood to flow through them. Cholesterol levels can be maintained with regular course of Guggul. Guggul is a herbal product and is used worldwide for its effects on cholesterol level. It is cardio protective and reduces lipids and bad cholesterol. Guggulu is anti coagulant and helps in dissolving clots from arteries to avoid heart attack. It is a natural anti inflammatory agent and is very helpful in muscular and bony pains. So use this herbal medicine for almost two to three months for satisfactory results.

Protein and fat free diet is best for high level of uric acid and cholesterols. So avoid pulses, meat, alcohol, butter and fried foods to stay healthy. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Increase water intake level. We welcome your queries.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #2

can u authentically say that Amla is good for high uric acid patients because most ayurvedic doctors tell to avoid Amla. Yr comments by email to me shall help me take amla which I stopped taking after detection of uric acid(7.00) AND ADVISE OF MY LOCAL AYURVEDIC DOCTOR.
Regards. N.K.BAKSHI

Answers Answered By: n.k.bakshi Level Rating points
Answer #3

Hello N.k balshi

Amla is a general health supplement. For a patient of uric acid problem we advise to avoid protein rich diet like pulses, meat, cheese etc but amla is not a source of protein rather is a great source of vitamin -C so we don`t think any there is any solid reason to avoid amla in high uric acid patients. Further queries are welcome.


Answers Answered By: Dr.AyurvedicCure Level Rating12 points
Answer #4

I am high uric acid & Cholesterol patient. Please let me know whether I can have egg (both Hen and Fish)?

Can I have a diet chart for “high uric acid & Cholesterol patient”?Regards

Answers Answered By: A K Mandal Level Rating points
Answer #5

I am 58 years of age and a housewife and have high cholestrol and uric acid (7.5) . I have severe pain and swelling at the heels. For Chlolestrol I am taking 1/2 tablet Fibator daily and Loprin 75 one tablet daily. I am a pure vegetarian and do not take eggs. Please let me know how I can control both Cholestrol and Uric acid by proper diet? Please let me have a list of vegetables,fruits,grains and pulses that I should avoid. Kindly e-mail your reply. Thanking you and with regards-Lalitha Balasubramanian

Answers Answered By: Lalitha Balasubramanian Level Rating points
Answer #6

Hello Lalitha

Just take natural diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid protein rich meals and food items like meat, peas etc. Increase water intake. Reduce fat and salt from your diet. This will help in controlling cholesterol and uric acid. But if the problem is more then medication is must.


Answers Answered By: MATT OLIVE Level Rating12 points

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