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What is the alternate treatment for Chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis & Interstitial pneumonitis

My mother aged 61 is in ICU with ventilation for 20 days with above problem. Doctors say they cannot reduce the ventilation as my mother is not responding to their treatment (presently in SPONT mode, 50% O2, Vt 300ml, Psupp 15cm H2O) Targocid 400mg, magnen forte, fragmin are some main injection used. Doctors say with ventilation she stable but i can see her condition is deteriorating. Can this be treated in ayurveda or homeopathy. Please advice. My E-mail address

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2 Answers

Answer #1

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Your mother is suffering from acute attack of these diseases and is in ICU. Her condition is critical and she is on ventilator or life support system. Ayurvedic medicines can`t give her instant relief. We do not provide any medicine for chronic hypersensitive pneumonitis and interstitial pneumonitis. We recommend you to continue her treatment in multi-specialty hospital. Further queries are welcome.


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